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      Investment Banking Comprehensive Guide

      It doesn’t matter if you barely know anything, or don’t know what you lack in the most competitive race to get into the investment banking field. Banking Prep is here to bring you the best of both worlds

      This package contains:

      • 20+ PDF guides on Investment Banking Interview and Networking
      • 200+ questions and answers from the real interview
      • 5+ networking strategy 
      • 9+ technical concepts for the Superday
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      Our customers say

      I would say the technical section and dummy models were the most helpful sections. I am very happy because I managed to get an internship at Barclays, London in Banking M&A, which has converted to a full-time offer starting in Feb 2019.

      Sofia G.

      Summer Analyst @ Barclays Investment Bank

      This was my main study guide and I landed the exact job I wanted, so obviously it was a great investment . The package was excellent in helping me understand all the technical stuff. I went through a two months of training afterwards at [BB Bank] so now I understand the package even better (almost 100% now)…ha!

      Kimberly Mason

      Customer Service, Google

      This is the best resource I’ve seen for hedge fund recruiting since you have the context of the industry that gave me the big picture and the example pitches that allowed me to fine tune my own thesis I was using for my HF interviews.

      Kassem G.

      Intern Analyst @ Bridgewater Associates

      Without a doubt, the BankingPrep Interview Course 100% helped me. I bought it a few days before my interview and used it to cram. Some of the questions I was asked were in from the course guides so I did well. As a result of preparing with the package, I got a job in [BBs] corporate banking energy team In Houston. 

      Vannessa G.

      Analyst @ Morgan Stanley Investment Bank

      The course has been super valuable. It dramatically expanded my knowledge to help me get a job at a hedge fund when I was working in corp fin and I knew very little about the industry. I’m a big fan. Thank you. I honestly feel like this course made the difference.


      Analyst @ Normura Investment Bank

      They’ve sucessfully gotten into…



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