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How to start a hedge fund

Wall Street Career Planning Tool

“Our Wall Street Career Planning Tool provides the big picture of Wall Street’s job market and acts as your ultimate career guideline. What is your chance of getting into your dream job, based on your background?”

Career Planning Official

“Through this comprehensive table of chances, it’s not our intention to tell you to sit back and relax if you already stand a “high” chance, neither do we try to neglect your dream just because your background is deemed “low” in the eyes of recruiters. Rather, we hold on the belief that ANYONE can make it to a Finance career, with practical aims and specific tactics for different backgrounds, at different points of time. Read on to see the Career Roadmap to your next job!

What are the steps to take to win a Wall Street job?

Our guides

Investment Banking Resume Toolkit
  • 18-page Comprehensive Guide for Investment Banking Resume
  • Detailed Resume Review and A Coding Mistake System 
  • A secrete list of action
  • Resume samples and template
Investment Banking - Sell Side Interview Guide

“Superday” – “Fit” Question Preparation

  • 2 separate PDF guides, one on how to sell yourself in “Walk me through your resume question”, and one on “Fit” question type

Technical Question Preparation

  • 11 separate PDF guide, with the total of 500+ pages
Wall St. Networking Guide
  • 5+ Linkedln useful tactics to increase online credit
  • 50+ sample questions and answers to ask in networking process
  • 12+ fine-tune and effective networking strategy
Hedge Fund - Buy Side Interview Guide
  • Full long-pitch and short-pitch case studies
  • Detailed guide on hedge fund interview questions, fit and behavioral questions, and technical questions
  • Industry insights: hedge fund firms and strategy dimensions, due diligence and research process, miscellaneous topics in hedge fund investing

What do our customers say?

I would say the technical section and dummy models were the most helpful sections. I am very happy because I managed to get an internship at Barclays, London in Banking M&A, which has converted to a full-time offer starting in Feb 2019.”

Sofia G.

Summer Analyst @ Barclays Investment Bank


What do our customers say?

This was my main study guide and I landed the exact job I wanted, so obviously it was a great investment . The package was excellent in helping me understand all the technical stuff. I went through a two months of training afterwards at [BB Bank] so now I understand the package even better (almost 100% now)…ha!

Charles Y.

Analyst @ Top Credit Fund in New York


What do our customers say?

“This is the best resource I’ve seen for hedge fund recruiting since you have the context of the industry that gave me the big picture and the example pitches that allowed me to fine tune my own thesis I was using for my HF interviews.”

Kassem G.

Intern Analyst @ Bridgewater Associates


What do our customers say?

Without a doubt, the BankingPrep Interview Course 100% helped me. I bought it a few days before my interview and used it to cram. Some of the questions I was asked were in from the course guides so I did well. As a result of preparing with the package, I got a job in [BBs] corporate banking energy team In Houston. Our teams maintains the relationship with the clients and provides bank debt instruments such as RCFs, term loan, bridge loans, etc.

Vanessa C.

Analyst @ Morgan Stanley Investment Bank


What do our customers say?

“The course has been super valuable. It dramatically expanded my knowledge to help me get a job at a hedge fund when I was working in corp fin and I knew very little about the industry. I’m a big fan. Thank you. I honestly feel like this course made the difference.


Analyst @ Nomura Investment Bank


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