Want to get into INVESTMENT BANKING? 

Here is something you should know FIRST!

Only 20-30% of the people getting the job in investment banking got it with the traditional way. 

The majority of them achieve the spot through NETWORKING.

Those wanting to break into the field tend to learn from the majority of successful people. But all they know is that networking is just a way, a tool to get the position that they want, NOT in terms of a strategy.

And that's how they failed, one time after another, and then keep wondering what could have gone wrong with their networking?

"Nerds do not get the job, socially adjusted people do".

Maybe the last time you came to one networking event, it was all the finance knowledge that you d in. Put yourself in the shoes of both junior and senior bankers, if you are someone spending all day dealing with the finance stuff, do you think they want to hear you talking about something like that again? 

Or if it's hard to relate, you don't have to. It is, nevertheless, a FACT. You are supposed to impress and make people like you in a networking event, showing that you're LIKEABLE, and not about how you're CAPABLE.

Even if you have tried networking once and failed, or you are in misery right now coming to countless networking events, writing dozens, if not hundreds (yes, actually it's hundreds that count) but the results are not coming yet,...

Maybe it’s time to stop, stand back and take a close look at all the networking games you've been playing. Your body is just in a networking event without doing any of the necessary and must-do to get you to success. And your hands keep writing letters and emails that you don't even know whether they'll be opened.

Or maybe you have been playing no games. You've been in the traditional zone for so long, the good news has yet to come and that's the reason you are here right now reading this, looking for a solution.

Alright. Take a deep breath. You have reached the right destination.

The battle of the right mindset

You just don't have time to make and learn from others' mistakes. The faster you can master the skills, the better you'll win the chance before anyone else! Save your time getting the bet of your networking! Learn all the mistakes from the basic level that beginners tend to make, to bigger problems that haul your networking process for so long that you don't even recognise. Learn and absorb the right mindset as the backbone for your long-run networking strategy

The battle of the right strategy

Networking is more like a marathon than a sprint. It's about the long-run distance or process that can easily stress people out. In a marathon, you should know whether to walk or run in different times to reach the goal in the shortest time, and just like that, in networking, you need to prepare the right adaptive strategy for different stages


Networking - the shortest way to get to your dream job

Step in the game of networking like a pro - The game itself is actually more diverse than you think! Which battle you have played, and which one you've never tried?

The battle of cold-calls and cold-emails

Ok so the way you show yourself - it's good, the way you get to know people face-to-face - it's good, and you even made an excellent impression on them, thinking your chance is near. 

Well, not so fast......

until you write them an email, or cold-call them to remind them of who you are, what information you exchanged in the networking event, which pretty much COUNTS, because there may be hundreds of guys like you approaching them. In that competitive sense, don't let your effort from the beginning be ruined because your email, or your conversation through the phone can't tell those people again who you are.

The battle of relationship building

Though the first and important step of any prosperous network is collecting people information, it's useless if you just leave it there and do nothing. And who said there's no need to have logical and clear tracking of relationship building? Our wise guide contributors networking their way to investment banking all said otherwise. 

Or maybe, are you sure that you left no stone unturned, that you did not miss not a single piece of some profiles that can lift you to heaven later?

And finally, the informational interview

-  the final networking battle that determines you go one step closer than ever to your dream job, OR you go home (again). Yes, it's an interview, it has all the challenges of a formal interview when you sit in an office, but beware, you will conduct it THROUGH THE PHONE.

One mistake on the phone is ten times more fragile than in the face-to-face interview, and much harder to redeem. You may have heard a lot about direct interview preparation, but how about the one one the phone? 

The battle of online networking

When the on-the-ground game seems to get stuck somewhere, don't forget to shift your focus to the promise land of online networking . LinkedIn, or other social network for professionals, if used with the right strategies, can flip around your desperate situation.

Even if you're late, it's better late than never! It's not what you know! It's who you know!

Start right now!

Nobody is perfect at networking in the beginning, you need a lot of time to practise it a lot. It's a marathon, not a sprint. But don't get it too late, because the early birds always catch the worm, don't crunch the process.

What does it mean? It means that you had better start right now, and the perfect way to start, is to learn from the most comprehensive and updated networking guide, coming straight from the key board of those who stepped in investment banking by successful networking.


The Investment Banking Networking Prep


  • 90-paged detailed PDF guideline on 6 overall strategies for the networking game
  • 30+ templates for each and separate email case
  • 15 transcripts for sample cold-calls and phone interviews
  • 3+ relationship building and tracking templates 
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  • Life-time access to 20+ PDF guide on both investment banking interview and networking
  • 200+ questions and answers from the real interview
  • 5+ fine-tune networking strategy; 9+ technical concepts for the "Superday"
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There is no "main" part in the interview. Failing to impress in one part will cause you great regret.

They are equally important and if you can get it ALL right, you can turn the page to the next chapter of your life.


This is the one true investment BANKING INTERVIEW PREP for you!

It will put you on the path of those who have successfully tried it before.


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Max P. / Multiple Offers from IB’s

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