Want to get into HEDGE FUND? 

Here is something you should know FIRST!

Only 1% of people can pass the hedge fund interview.

What about the other 99%, what they could have done wrong?

They thought their background or what they were having at that time could give them the upper hand.

Indeed, this mindset is what got them wrong, because:

  • Your technical knowledge in your IB or PE interview alone won’t cut it...
  • A high GPA isn’t enough...
  • Great connections won’t get you the job you want...
  • And even those with highly coveted internships don’t make the cut…

Yes, 99% of the time, they won't help you. 

You think you are wise. But the interviewers are 100 times wiser. They know what you know. And for sure they are 100% well-aware of your "preparation". 

That's why all the questions that awaits you in the interview are more challenging and demanding than you could ever imagine. They will stress you out, confuse you, and crack you:

  • They’ll evaluate your technical acumen...
  • Hit you with complex brain teasers designed to trick you...
  • Test your knowledge of the industry and their bank...
  • And they’ll tax your ability to function under pressure and think on your feet...

They’ll probe everything about you:

  • Your body language and your tones...
  • Assess your character...
  • Judge your presentation skills and presence in front of clients and colleagues...
  • Your ability to both lead and follow...
  • And they’ll decide if you’re high status enough to make it at their bank…

Now what side do you want to be in? The 99% candidates, or the 1% successful of them?

The "Please walk me through your resume" question

This is the topic that will definitely land at the very beginning of your interview. You will not want to repeat everything that was stated in your CV like a robot. If you are excellent at all the financial knowledge, you might as well be a financial professor.

It's the ability to sell yourself that counts. In other words, you will not pass the interview to become a future investment banker, if you can't sell yourself in this question.

The "Fit" Questions

After the very first part of the interview, you will not usually receive the technical questions right away. Instead, they will ask to see how "fit" you are to investment banking in general. Can you meet the job's demand, and are you comfortable to work with? They can sense your personalities within every answer you give, and assess whether these traits make you a good "fit" for the industry. From the questions regarding your GPA, resumes, to directly exploring your weaknesses and your previous failures, and ultimately, "I don’t believe you. Within banking, which other firms are you applying to?". Anything can be asked in the interview.

By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.

Think again about your preparation, are you sure it covers all these topics?

Technical Questions

This is the part everybody has been focusing on, thinking if they can nail this part, they'll be likely to receive the offer.

Well, first of all, it is not true in the sense you will have to be excellent in other parts besides this part.

And secondly, it's about the mindset that tricks you to believe you've prepared enough and sets you to fail.

No, you have NOT.  Remember who you'll be facing - they are all masters in investment banking.

Industry-Specific QnA

This is basically the advanced, tougher part in comparison to technical questions. From Real Estate Investment Trusts QnA, to Natural Resources QnA and more, if you've been in the game before, you'll gain yourself a little insight to the answer. But if you don't, you had better prepare it right. 

Is this what you’ve been doing in preparation for the interview  that could start a new chapter in your life?

Searching through countless information sources like a lost deer in the forest, with no destined goal, only the more the better.

Reading through hundreds of interview questions and remember the suggested answers by heart then speak it out like a robot during the interview, like perhaps thousands of other candidates?

If you keep doing this, you will end up like the 99% candidates who failed their interview. Where are they now? All end up left out in the cold, wandering the finance wilderness, working in a back office, selling home loans at a community bank, crunching numbers as an accountant. And yes, living with their parents.

I’ve seen it more times than I can count.

Now what is the best way to prepare? To walk in the path of those who walked it before.

It's time to change now!

with Banking Prep’s

The Hedge Fund Comprehensive Prep


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There is no "main" part in the interview. Failing to impress in one part will cause you great regret.

They are equally important and if you can get it ALL right, you can turn the page to the next chapter of your life.


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You’ll have access to over 800 hedge fund interview questions across 150+ hedge funds organized by position, so you can focus your preparation on what matters most...

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