Seemingly minor mistakes
get most investment banking resumes rejected within 10 seconds!

If you ask a resume screener how much time they spend on a resume, the answer is usually “around a minute”. Investment banking resume screeners at bulge bracket like Goldman Sachs, Barclays Capital, Credit Suisse must go through hundreds of applications at a time. Decisions are made within 30 seconds – and most of the time, you only have 10 seconds to make that most important first impression! And in those precious 10 seconds, any mistake will stick out like a sore thumb!


That’s why your resume must be
ABSOLUTELY PERFECT to the last details!

But the question is, how do you know create the perfect resume?


No one can write you that perfect resume…

The support of your friends, family, colleagues or your school’s career center wouldn’t get you far. Investment banking resumes are vastly different, and much less forgiving than ordinary resumes – they are result-oriented, cold, professional, and flawless, just like the image that bulge brackets want to project onto their clients.

After all, you possess the best understanding of your own experience, skills and qualifications. You might already have crafted a resume yourself. What is needed now is just a solid Know-How to improve and “bankify” your resume down the road. Once you’ve learned how to craft the best version of your resume, a review/editing service offered by former bankers of Goldman Sachs, Citigroup, Morgan Stanley, etc. is also needed, to make sure it’s perfect and impressive in the eyes of financial professionals.

… so what you need is a comprehensive DIY resume-toolkit!

In the long run, banking resume writing should be Do-It-Yourself.

That means diving into the deepest thought processes of resume screeners, identifying the most attractive features in a banking resume, refining the language for a banking job, avoiding the all-too-common yet destructive mistakes, benchmarking your resume against other applicants and setting a definite goal for this stage of banking prep. The next question is, how can you do all of that at the same time?

Here’s our solution for you

Investment Banking Resume Toolkit

Here’s what you get in this package:

  • 18-page Comprehensive Guide for Investment Banking Resume, helping you learn how to present accomplishments without exaggerating anything, how to “bankify” non-finance achievements, and what a perfect Investment Banking resume looks like, from wordings to formats.
  • Detailed Resume Review and A Coding Mistake System, in which your resume would be thoroughly screened and graded by our experts. We have a concrete grading system that points out your mistakes, one-by-one, and suggests improvements for bettering your resume.
  • Review Service – Feedbacks within 3 days: We commit to send you, WITHIN 3 WORKING DAYS, a fully reviewed, and graded copy of your resume, pointing out detail by detail on which part to make adjustments.
  • A secret list of action verbs that makes your resume sound way more of a banker.
  • Resume samples and template including resumes with diverse backgrounds for your reference (Undergraduates, Graduates and MBA, Career Switchers).

With another $100 for our Wall Street Networking Guidebook,
you’ll get our
“Win That Interview Offer” combo and save up to $60!





The Networking Guidebook

  • 50-page detailed PDF guideline helping you master the strategies for all financial jobs: Investment Banking, Private Equity, Hedge Funds,…
  • Step-by-step Networking winning strategy and timeline
  • Detailed guide for successful use of Networking methods: Cold emailing, Cold calling, LinkedIn, Informational Interview, and Networking events
  • Email templates, Cold call transcripts, Relationship building and tracking templates



Investment Banking Resume

  • 18-page detailed PDF guideline helping you craft an appealing standardized resume that grabs bankers’ attention
  • A list of Action verbs used to upgrade and power your resume
  • Resume Review service based on a mistake coding system and our Evaluation Form: 2 submissions allowed. Reviews within 3 working days guaranteed


Investment Thesis


What you get: $269 

What you actually pay: $199



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