A Comprehensive Guide to Writing the Resume up to the IB Standard

Learn to find, summarize, present the best features, and perfect every bullet in the resume as well as learn to spin non-finance accomplishements into relatable experience.

A List of Investment Banking Action Verbs and Terminologies

Craft your own resume based on our list of action verbs and terminologies often used in finance.

Resume Templates and Samples

Get access to banking templates and samples with diverse backgrounds : undergraduates, MBA graduates, and career switchers.

Review Service – Feedback within 3 WORKING DAYS

Our experts will give comments on each mistakes based on coding system, and grade your resume on an evaluation form, helping examine the chance of passing the resume round and point out what should be improved. 2 SUBMISSIONS ALLOWED.

Investment Banking Resume Toolkit

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Step-By-Step Guide To Writing An Investment Banking Resume

Our Customers Successfully Get Into

Resume is all about story-telling. Same experience, different word choice, storyline, and format, and you’ll be appearing in a completely different fashion in the eyes of the scanner. The BankingPrep’s Resume Toolkit helped me realize which part of my resume needs more glittering (like the first bullet point of the first listed job), whereas which part should be cut for more efficient use of that one-page space. The samples are such valid source for reference, since they’re from real Wall Street bankers of various banks and department, from various backgrounds. I feel like my resume is ready to go from just reading their guide, but other friends of my who made a career switch recommends their Resume Review Service too. You can check them both.

Jessica Crespi

The resume guide helps me keep my resume up to the industry standard. I learned to reexamine and rephrase my past internship experiences in a way that shows a lot more about my skills and personalities. It really does help me be more employable. I highly recommend it to investment professionals, investment bankers, and students who want to break into investment banking industry.

David Kitis

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

The answer is YES. If you have at least business experience, that would be very easy for you to craft your own resume with our Toolkit and we could help you make it shine up the most. Your working experience related to business and finance, however, is LITTLE, do not worry to much. You still have time to enrich your profile (even experience sounding irrelevant to business, there are still a number of ways to turn it into perfect features - we'll guide you through it). If your practical work experience is completely zero, let's seek for an internship or any job to work, you will learn a lot from it. We DO NOT recommend you to make up your profile because in the best posibility you get through the resume round, your secret will also be leaked out in an interview.
We promiss we always add substantial values to you, even your resume can be already viewed as good. If you are reading our page, there should be something you encounter but still get stuck to get over it. We provide a third party review on your resume, third parties are our experts who have experience in reviewing a stack of resumes and their perspectives are helpful for your improvements. You should make it perfect to the last detail.
The toolkit is appropriate for levels from junior to professionals up to Associate level. We found out that a lot of candidates submit poor resumes to screeners not because they're not qualified, just because they get struggle in how to present their accomplishments in the best light. Some of the rejected resumes are of bad quality due to bad choices of word and formatting. Any level can encounter this problem.
Unfortunately, the Resume toolkit does not have service for your cover letter. A cover letter is just a written version of what you want to tell the recruiters about your passions and how your achievements fit what the banks are looking for. We believe that once your perfect your resume, a cover letter will not be a difficult task.
There's no expriry date for the toolkit, which means once you buy it, you can send your resume at any time with 2 SUBMISSIONS ALLOWED. We commit to send it back to your within 3 WORKING DAYS (excluding weekends and holidays)
You can learn and write your resume, but the toolkit is designed with the two main purposes: - First, to help you cut down your time you should have put in to write a resume - Second, do not let the resume kill your dream to investment banking, there're always things that can be improved. Recruiting has become hyper-accelerated and candidates now have their own competitve advantages and are willing to put hundreds of dollars for private turoring just to get into IB. You need to compete with those and don't let the resume hold you back.

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