Banking Prep - Money-back Guarantee

Get back your money anytime that you want!

Banking Prep - the only place that offers money-back guarantee without ANY further request on time.

This is simply how the guarantee works - You can always have your money back if you:

  • Have already learnt or known all the knowledge in the course
  • Decide investment banking is not the right career path for you
  • Find another course that is more suitable for you
  • Find that these courses are so advanced and difficult to understand

Just email your money-back request at and the refund will return to you within 24 hours.

Why BankingPrep offers you this money-back guarantee

We place huge effort and trust in our product, and hope that our customers can get the best values from the courses. More than anybody, we understand all the difficulties and challenges on the way you ace your dream job. We’ve been there, and we knew all too well how hard the effort must be.

Therefore, if you think our courses can’t help you in the preparation process for the investment banking/ or hedge fund job, we respect your opinion, and truly hope that with our refund, you can invest in something more helpful to your future career.

That’s it, simple and frank.

Now let’s take more time to understand more about our courses, and see how many people like you have conquered their dream job with our help.

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