Investment Banking Comprehensive Guide
  • 20+ PDF guide on both investment banking Interview and Networking.
  • 200+ questions and answers from the real interview.
  • 5+ networking strategy; 9+ technical concepts for the Superday.
Hedge Fund Comprehensive Guide
Life-time access to two ultimate comprehensive PDF guide on both Hedge Fund interview and networking
  • 50+ questions and answers from the real interview
  • 12+ fine-tune and effective networking strategy
  • 10+ Hedge Fund case studies

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it necessary to have a Finance or Business/Economics background to get into Investment Banking?
What are the "Target Schools" of Investment Banks, Private Equity Firms?
What is the ideal GPA?
The requirement for GPA varies firm by firm and region by region, you should visit their websites for more details. Some Bulge Brackets require a minimum of 3.2, but the safe GPA should be at a minimum of 3.5 and higher. Below-3.5 GPA decreases your chance to pass the CV round, especially non-target students. Candidates with average GPA will need finance-related internships and actively join investment clubs at school to be competitive.
How do I network?
Network is considered the hardest part of breaking into Investment Banking, Private Equity and Hedge Fund. Networking can be categorized into two main groups: school alumni and professionals. You should get started networking as soon as possible. Be prepared with Wall St. knowledge, a clear plan, and doing research about the networking professional / firm. In addition, clubs at your schools can certainly help out. Cold-emailing is an important step but how to cold-call/email without annoying bankers with busy schedule requires lots of preparation and practice. You can sign up for our Networking Guide to prepare your networks carefully and tactically.